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What are the benefits to use twoppy?

Save yourself a lot of time and money by creating your event app through twoppy. A complete and interactive program guide designed for mobile devices. Attendees love to have up-to-date information on your conference. Next to all relevant information such as real time program details, speakers biography and perhaps interactive floor plans, attendees are also able to get social by finding other attendees and send each other in-app messages. In addition... an app offers new possibilities for your sponsors. Value for money? Well, you don’t have to think twice because twoppy starts at just 149,- euro.

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Quick & easy

We want twoppy to be the easiest way to create a mobile conference app. We promise you you will be surprised how easily you can create your app in minutes.

And ... if service is desired we will support you as our newest BFF.

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Real time updates

Oops... a session has been cancelled last minute or a room has been changed due to insufficient capacity. No problem, any changes made will be visible in the app directly.
Now attendees will be aware of the right locations and session times.

Speakers and presentations

Picture - Speaker presentations

Present speakers to your visitors with a full biography and profile photo. When available you can add their social media profiles so attendees can keep track of their favourite speaker.
Upload all available (poster)presentations to be sure attendees are able to view and download desired information during or after the conference.

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Save a tree and money

Besides being green, you can save yourself a lot of printing costs. Imagine to have no more (or in any case less) conference books.

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User ratings

Let attendees share their thoughts about a presentation by rate the session with 1 to 5 stars.
Rather disable the possibility to have attendees rate presentations? Just let us know and we will disable it.

Interactive floorplan(s)

No attendees will go astray anymore. With the interactive floor plan(s) of the venue finding the room for the upcoming session is just a walk in the park.
Want attendees to notify them of special public places? Just add Google maps and enter the desired addresses. Now attendees not only know when the dinner starts but also how to get there.

Picture - Location finding

Attendee list & in-app messaging

Organising conferences nowadays is not only about offering ‘rocket science’ talks. Stimulate attendee interaction by presenting a complete list of attendees. Send them an invite through twoppy and attendees can claim their profile in a single click. Now they are able to send messages to each other within the app.

Picture - Attendee interaction

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View app usage analytics

Find out how often the app has been used, what sessions where popular or what speaker was rated best.

You can keep track on analytics before, during and after the event.