Start for free and upgrade later

Don’t worry... you can setup your app for free, and if you are satisfied with the result just publish the app by upgrading to one of the premium plans.

Allthough we strongly believe in the power and easiness of the twoppy self service platform we are happy to setup, design and manage the app for you (managed). The basic, advanced and pro plans are based on do-it-yourself.

Want to use twoppy at multiple events (>5 events)? Request a quotation.










starting from
Add/edit content Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dashboard branding Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Publish app - Yes Yes Yes Yes
Add partners & sponsors - - Yes Yes Yes
Import & invite attendees - - - Yes Yes
Content upload tool - - - Yes Yes
Analytics - - - Yes Yes
Let us do it for you! - - - - Yes