Do you have a setup instruction?

YES! You can download a PDF with twoppy setup instructions

Can you send me an invoice?

We're aware of the fact that in some organisations paying online can be difficult. Therefore we do offer the possibility of paying by manual invoice. Because our entire platform and operations are highly automated to keep our prices as attractive as possible, be aware that we charge you 25 euro administrative fee, and we'll unlock the premium features only after the payment has been received into our bankaccount.

How long is my app available to my attendees?

After upgrading to a premium plan your app can be published for 12 months starting from the payment date. After that year the app is unpublished automatically and reverted to a testplan.

Where do I find a demo app?

We've a demo app available. Open the link on your mobile device or in your desktop browser. Be aware that our technology is supported by all major mobile and desktop browsers, but some older browsers don't support modern mobile web conventions.

Can I make access to my app restricted?

We have an option to make the event exclusively accessible to invitees. You upload your guest list into twoppy and then they receive an e-mail with a registration link. Once logged in they have full access to the app. If you're not on the invite list, you can't access the app.
This feature is available in the Pro plan.

Does the name 'twoppy' mean anything?

This is a very popular question.
twoppy is an old and forgotten mythological character, worshipped and feared by the ancient Inca's and Maya's ......... Errr, well that's baloney!! ... ;-)
twoppy started out as 'the easy way of planning your event', tewopye, which sounds a lot like 'twoppy'. And we liked it!


How can I add locations?
With custom maps: if you want to add a location, please visit the menu item MAP. In the upper right corner you'll find a button [New Location]. Click that button and enter a name. A pivot is shown in the upper left corner, drag and drop it to the desired location.
With google maps you follow the same procedure, but you don't drag and drop but add an address or lon/lat coordinates.
The locations you've entered will appear in the location dropdown list in the program tab when you add or edit a show.